daily smaily

t(s)weet roll:

  • #feedly and google reader: a beautiful thing post.ly/Al9h #
  • #feedly and google reader: a beautiful thing post.ly/AlCb #
  • playing around with posterous and the twitter list functionality. sorry bout the noise… #
  • Blog-To-Newsletter: Cheap Community and Advocacy Tools bit.ly/1rajue #
  • Vote in the Health Reform Video Challenge post.ly/AlLH #
  • My favorite fundraising tips – Get Fully Funded bit.ly/4oyys5 #
  • goodnight. long day. see you in new york tom. for #drupal talk from dries. post.ly/AlQZ #
  • RT @WashAnRescLeag: DON’T FORGET to come to Mutts Masquerade and PawFest THIS WEEKEND!!! Please tell all your friends bit.ly/4mBLsw #
  • Coming into Penn station NY. Anyone know of a great place to get lunch + wifi? #
  • RT @jayrosen_nyu: guy didn’t know much about Drupal but nailed the FORM of Slate contrarian rant jr.ly/x3ut Punked his editors. #DPCI #
  • Listening to JB at "Drupal for the Enterprise" seminar with Dries B. #dpcidrupal #
  • jeff rigby: to help scale #drupal use these modules… post.ly/ArWL #
  • RT @timoreilly: OH from a security vendor: "Facebook is the new #1 malware vector, replacing Microsoft." #



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