daily smaily

t(s)weet roll:

  • The Science of Retweets on Twitter | Brian Solis – PR 2.0 bit.ly/4rGz6p #
  • Free report. 99 Non Profits and their online marketing part 1 Lisa Sargent bit.ly/yYfLP #
  • RT @arrington: Ask.com Commercials Put Baby Seals In Jeopardy bit.ly/1ZnF4f #
  • thx @iPresort @infinitypg 4 the follow friday love. you sure know how to make a guy feel welcome. #
  • I can’t forget @AccuGuy . Good good tweeples. #
  • Social Media and the Performing Arts bit.ly/3PDscS thought of you @WomenInTheArts #
  • New Study Reveals Nonprofits Still Need to Adapt Online Communications Best Practices frogloop bit.ly/2ACpyX #
  • Click to download the 2010 Email Marketing Benchmark Report fro MarketingSherpa bit.ly/ND06u #email #
  • i will be getting to email newsletter design later. any favorites out there to share for inspiration? #
  • Jumpstart Year-End Giving with eCards – netwitsthinktank.com bit.ly/2ZGlXm #
  • just got my google wave invite…will see if I can’t figure it out like everyone else 😉 #googlewave #



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