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t(s)weet roll:

  • The GiveWell Blog – Are charities helping? We don’t know bit.ly/2KLmE3 #
  • Buddy Media Launches Integrated Facebook And Twitter Client For Brand Management ow.ly/15W43E #
  • 10 Useful WordPress Coding Techniques ow.ly/15W43F #
  • 29 Nonprofit Bloggers to Follow on Twitter « Nonprofit Tech 2.0 bit.ly/3rFPnZ #
  • 22 Cheap or Free Web Usability Tools, Part 1: An Introduction : MarketingProfs bit.ly/kccfj #
  • Start your year-end fundraising letter strategy today bit.ly/jMLdK #
  • Is your favorite non profit on twitter? There’s a good chance.. bit.ly/1CSUGB #
  • RT @starfocus: @avinashkaushik just introduced mobile application tracking! #emetrics – yay for @wildobs! #ganalytics #
  • RT @ntenhross: RT @socialbrite: Mashable’s 3rd Ann. Open Web Awards, Best Nonprofit Use of Social Media, open for nom’s. ow.ly/vnZJ #
  • Hey @ForumOne and @nobaurm – You guys kick butt. Thanks for the RT’s. #
  • How do you use Google Alerts? I am using it rather minimally… #
  • Wonder what people use to read tons of news sources, blogs, feeds, etc easily? Aggregators like Google Reader. My feed: bit.ly/LKF1j #
  • RT @AccuGuy: Amber Alert- 7-year-old girl missing in North Florida –bit.ly/21nPNv #
  • RT @susancoebrown:Why not adopt FOUR?!? RT @shelterpets: Oct is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month. Save a life. Adopt a dog! bit.ly/1SjNAm #adoptpet #



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