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t(s)weet roll:

  • Tim Ogden further comments on Kiva | Tactical Philanthropy bit.ly/4l7ajA #
  • Get to the Point: Is (your email) This Stamp-Worthy? bit.ly/hv6kN #
  • Charity:Water versus Habitat – Contrasting Web Strategies – II The Agitator bit.ly/38jNyL #
  • It’s too early ow.ly/15UUvC #
  • 5 quick fixes for your newsletter design from Kivi: bit.ly/1lXxEN #
  • Marketing for Nonprofits: The Wall Street Journal Says Email No Longer Rules. I Disagree. bit.ly/4rzv0X #
  • RT @tactphil: Study shows people who give a lot to charity tend to get richer than people who don’t: bit.ly/443vHi #
  • What good is guilt? ow.ly/15UXWL #
  • Video: Win $5k for your charity bff (from the chronicle) bit.ly/2euzuM #
  • An introduction to HTML5 ow.ly/15V0rr #
  • Thanks @swiftpage and @garystarmand3 for sharing! #



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